Evangeline Lilly Last Icon Maker Standing Competition

Evangeline Lilly LIMS
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An Evangeline Lilly Last Icon Maker Standing competition

Welcome to Evangeline Lims!
A last icon maker standing challenge dedicated to the beautiful and talented actress Evangeline Lilly, mostly known for her role as Kate Austen in the TV series LOST.
The moderators of this community is tove_91 and babybrookee.
I hope you enjoy your stay!


- To participate, you have to sign up, sign ups is currently OPEN.
- Please join the community and friend it for updates.
- A new challenge will be posted on Fridays, you have to enter one icon if nothing else is stated.
- It will be posted up to three reminders (as long as it's possible and needed).
- All icons must be in the form of an URL and an Image.
- All entries must be submitted by Wednesday at 06:00, GMT.
- The voting will be put up on Wednesday, you vote for lesser quality icon(s), and favorite icon(s).
- Each week, one/two icon maker(s) will be eliminated and so on to the end when we will find our winner.
- If you have any questions, please ask here.
- Secret word: "Cool Water".


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Round 1 - jatesoul
Round 2 - supc4ik
Round 3 - tove_91
Round 4 - imaginary_lives