Round 6, Challenge 1

This is the first challenge in round 4 of evangeline_lims.
I am hoping this round will be as successful as the previous rounds!;)
Just to know that people here are serious in wanting to participate, no skips are allowed in the first challenge.

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- The deadline is Wednesday the 11th of October , 07:00  (UTK+3)
- Entries [5/14]
  • tove_91

I'm giving away this community :(

Okay, so I haven't been much on livejournal lately. I've just started school, and I have to focus on doing good there, so I just won't have the time, energy, or inspiration to run this community anymore:(

I don't want to shut it completely, so I'd love it if someone wanted to take over this community!
It would be best if you have a little experience on running a community, but you don't have to:)


Hello again everyone:)
As you might have noticed, I haven't updated much lately, and I haven't put up a sign-up list yet.
I'm not going to shut off this community, we're just going on a little summer-hiatus.

It's just not tempting to be on the computer that much in the warm summer weather, and since it's summer, I'm going on vacation and on festivals and stuff. So it would just have been extensions and extensions..

So, we're going to have a hiatus until late August.
I hope I'll see you guys then!:D

And some pimping: sign ups for round 3 @ actresslims is open now!

Join ActressLIMS.